Happy Free Comic Day

To all my fellow comic nerds out there: Happy free comic day! Today worldwide there are selected comic book stores giving away free comics – from most stores I went to they gave away 3 free comics which is pretty good.

Originally I found the event via Facebook and the event specifically noted the free comic book event being at this particular comic shop.. My sis, Mel and I got in around 10.10am… and the shops was packed… full of people and the smell of perspiration was in the air. After wondering around for 5minutes we gave up on the free comics and went on our way. yeah we were pretty gutted… and decided to go into another comic shop… who was subtly setting up their free comic event also.. this totally made my day šŸ˜€ so what we thought was gna be a crappy comic day actually turned around. In total we visited 4 comic book stores… from 3 we got a good haul… from free comics to $1 comics.



these are just pictures of a combined haul from my sister and I…

I think we did a good job haha šŸ™‚

Like: little children dressing up and having fun with adults who have also dressed up. goes to show we dont all grow up… and you know what… thats okay with me lol. šŸ™‚

Dislike: congested lines who had no idea what was happening,  and greedy people who took alot of the comics. guys its for free and they said take 3, not take all of them. please have consideration for others also.

But aside from that definitely an event worth getting into if youre into comics šŸ™‚


and just a photo to sum up my day – lunch at pepper lunch. YUM



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