A little bit about Mazz

I wrote this in November 2013 and didn’t really write much because I didnt want to expose things about myself – but I wanted to keep it broad. My newly found nickname is Mazz (founded at work by my work colleagues because apparently Maryanne is too long to say hahaha um wut?) but my friends and family call me MaryAnne. I am a child born in the 90s. The following things below me are very true. The people I have in my life may be limited but the people who are still in my life are everything to me. My family have been very supportive no matter what I do and the love of my life – though to some may be a bit far fetched to say/ but I have been in a few relationships before him – he is just everything. I didnt think I’d ever get him – he was realistically one of those guys who was just “out of your league”.

Three years later – he still manages to make me fall in love with him over and over again. He’s reminds me of my favourite kind of weather: sweet fresh breeze while you’re laying in the sun – the kind where you can wear whatever you feel because the sun is just warm enough and the breeze just adds to the mood and it leaves a sort of neutral weather (if you haven’t experienced this PLEASE DO!) . But it just the right amount of everything

My kind of perfect….

Anyway back to me lol.. I’m Just the average person, randomly bored and blogging.

I like anime, video gaming, eat, going out, reading and doing random things/spontaneous things

I will also more than likely blog about the said above 🙂

I am currently on a conquest to try new hobbies, explore the world etc etc

It is a pleasure to meet you or realistically its a pleasure to let you know who I am and what I do, I look forward to writing more and hopefully if you enjoy what I write. Maybe you’d like to suggest some things

Thank you





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