Feedback/Thank You

Ive decided to add a feedback section where you can write whatever you want. But please in moderation – I will delete hate jargon. I’m not the best writer and there will be mistakes and many writing errors because I will blog from time to time on my phone – and the fun about that is my auto correct. (curse you auto correct) But I would appreciate any comments you do leave me.

You can ask me questions about anything – I like chats

– ask anything about any of the following Ive written or what you think I should work on in terms of writing or subjects that you’d like to read about. Im very open to new ideas and will do my best.

This blog is really an outlet for me to express my inner thoughts and to also write better in terms of university and work.

But honestly a big thank you to the many who have clicked onto my blog and pressed like or followed me.

I appreciate your love







2 thoughts on “Feedback/Thank You

    • Hello, I bought my luxury edition books through a store in Australia called Big W. It was only $35 because I bought it in store not because I bought it online. You can check their australian website but I dont actually know if the shipping will be free.. guess that depends on whether it is local or international. Unfortunately I havent been able to find these books else where because when I bought them they were on sale and selling for limited time. Im sorry I couldn’t be more help to you.

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