The love for our pets

If youre like me than your pet isnt just a pet to you theyre your best friend and family member.
A few posts back in 2013 my lil girl Ella had a seizure and was diagnosed with a possible heart condition. Knowing this broke my heart and I went on from that day on cherishing every moment I could have with her. I had ella for more than 10 years and thats a decade of memories that I will never forget.

Yesterday at about 10ish on the 14th of march.. I watched my best friend suffering in my arms.. she looked at me with a look in her eyes that I couldn’t face.. but as I took her to the vet and we were 2 minutes away from the vet.. my girl had another seizure and stopped breathing.

Im still shaken up over this..

She got into the vets and was put on oxygen.. she had a little fight left in her. We decided for her to undertake some treatment just even to spend another year with ella. But the treatment took a wrong turn and it made her worse. We had to make the call.. I didnt want her to suffer anymore.. she was bleeding out of her nose and all sorts of complications arised.

Ive never cried so much in my life.. if anyone ever heard me you would of thought id gone mad.

To me she was family… she protected my siblings whenever I wasnt home.. she helped me through my teenage years and every time I had a problem she would be there.. for a pat and cuddles and a little lick of reassurance…

I am truly going to miss you ella. I dont know why I posted this but maybes its to help me cope with the fact that you arent here anymore.. I wont be cutting up foood for you.. I wont be chasing you around for the amount of pee you left around the house, I wont be able to see your little face look at me through my door and I wont be able to get that lick of reassurance.

But what I will remember is how you brought love and life into my small family life. You were our family member number 5 who will always have that place in our hearts no matter what. I thank you for being there for my primary and secondary schooling years as a child and a teenager you gave me hope and joy. You will be dearly missed and your place in the house will be forever there for you.

Thank you my best friend and little angel. I know you are in a better place and you arent suffering anymore.

ELLA5EVER because your presence will be more than 4ever.

Thank you for everything ella



Mazz MIA

I am so sorry for not writing much.. been pretty neglecting in terms of my blog. Got busy for a bit.. birthdays and gym and being and uni etc

Ive been good with my eating and ive been told ive lost weight. So people losing weight keep to it you will get there. Ive been eating healthy and gyming 4-5 days a week and I do one class or two of pole dancing.

I said I was going to note down things ive achieved from my resolutions and ive managed to do one. I took up something totally random and took up pole dancing.  Ive done a 8 week course and my last day of the course is next week. I am super happy with myself because I never commit! But ive also found a sport/hobby that I honestly enjoy and I love it.


These are my ugly feet haha but this is the only photo so far that I have and I may post more later.

But im thinking of taking up aquatic zumba next week also so I cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

Fitness and healthy living is now becoming a lifestyle that I am welcoming ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep at it guys and ill write more about my pole dancing experience and little tips for beginners that ive learnt slowly ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading

I love supernatural

So todays topic is the whole thing on supernatural vs belibers.

This has got to be the most stupidest thing to start.. especially since belibers are like 12 years old. Haha okay I dont mean that and im not trying to make fun of you.ย  My personal opinion om the biebs is totally my opinion and personally he’s not a good role model and promotes serioisly bad behaviour and acts like a spoiled kid.

The one thing however that I do love from this article is that every fandom is coming together, to pretty much back our fellow fandom up. I like that. It restores my faith in humanity. Haha yay.

So have a read.. Unfortunately im not a tumblr person.. but my sister is which is why I know.


I honestly just hope every belieber knows what theyre getting into… better give these poor souls some rock salt or something because these fandoms are coming for your ass.

๐Ÿ™‚ lol just a bit of a giggle today.

Sorry to anyone who does like justin beiber… you can by all means unfollow me or delete me for crimes.

Hope youre all having a nice day/night

Cosplay – Gogo Yubari (dylans 23rd birthday)

I got invited to a party with the theme of Quentin Tarantino films.
So for me the obvious choice of going as a kill bill character struck my mind.


So this is the end product.. haha excuse my knees they look scary in this post. Haha and now that ive mentioned that youre gna think oh god look at her knees.ย  XD I blocked my face out because its totally gross at the time of the picture. But there is my attempt of the “lovely” gogo.


1. Clothes
– things I had on hand: bow tie, white under shirt
– I bought the jacket and socks and shoes and my skirt found at salvos.
Jacket = $20 from rockmans which used to be like $70.. the fuck lol
Shoes and socks = $10
Skirt= $8 – originally longer but cut to length

2. Prop
The mace – was made with a 2 meter chain bought at bunnings, styro foam ball, silver duct tape, x1 hook and a spikey bracelet that I didnt need.

– covered the ball in duct tape – super glued the hook to the top of the ball for the chain and super glued my spikes which I sprayed silver around the edge.ย  I then attached the chain and left to dry. This job takes more than 2-3hrs if less.. I was just lazy and did it over two weeks.

And there you go – ever in need of quick Tarantino cosplay this is pretty easy and cute in a sadistic way haha.


                 I like cosplay hehe

PARAMORE 2014 Perth Arena Concert


Marked a huge event in my life, it has been on a few of my bucket lists and on my more recent – my list of things I wanted to do before turning 21. So heres a little background story into my love for Paramore. I was in year 9 when I moved to Perth, new to the city and had no friends and I was going through a bad patch with my family. I progressed through the year and found a group that I called my friends from year 9 – year 12. They were my everything from that time frame and we had so many crazy memories that ill never forget. Sadly though 3 years after finishing school I dont speak to my former group of friends except for one girl. That one girl and her name is taylor, has been my closest friend since year 9 and I love how even after all the random crap and growing apart we are still the same crazy ass kids who love and enjoy the same things. This is a definition of friendship and im glad that still to this day we are friends – now after that introduction, taylor was the one who introduced me to paramore. My first song ever listened to wad misery business and the songs from their album slowly followed after. Taylor and myself were the kind of people who used music to explain a certain event in our life at the time. Misery business was our song because we were always the girl who wanted someone who was taken and again who knew that after all this time we would come out on top in the end. Each song from every sound track has some significant meaning to the one of us. My most recent song that I love is “still into you” and its purely because I still and will always love my other half (my p2)  ๐Ÿ™‚ sappy I know.. but what can you do.

So as you do ive been waiting for their concert ever since.. theyve come to sound wave etc but that was never my thing. When I saw the announcement I cried and was absolutely keen to buy those tickets and when they arrived in the mail I did cry again. Haha.

But last nights experience was worth every tear. Every song was done on every epic proportions and Hayley Williams is just super fucking amazing. So much energy from her and her voice is just amazing live. I am truly blessed to have seen these guys live and I am still in awe with their performance.






Now the photos included the only two that are actually mine are pictures 2 and 3.. the rest are from the website and Facebook.  But I just wanted to add them in. Im pretty sure some of those photos were shot in another state in case you need to know lol

– what I got from this experience: a life time of memories flooding back and I also made new ones.. I sung my heart and soul out and it was out of tune. But I enjoyed every minute of it. The last time I went to a concert of this magnitude was Lady Gaga’s monster ball tour.

All in all : โ˜†โ™กโ™ฅ SUPER FUCKING AMAZING CONCERT! can not wait to go again!

Random Restaurant Rants: Musashi Joondalup

So ive decided every time I try a new place to eat at.. im going to have a miniture rant about it. As stated before I wanted to try new things and I personally love a new place to eat.

Musashi in joondalup is a small japanese restaurant. But honestly dont let its smallness scare you away. To be quite frank this is the best japanese ive had in the joondalup area/ along with their prices. Its not insanely priced and can be affordable depending on your tastes and budget. I personally found this place via urbanspoon and it has quite high ratings. So any fellow joondalup dwellers try it out. Its in that part of joondalup where you wouldnt expect any restaurant to be.


For $13.90 I got the kaarage chicken bento set. Consisted of chicken, egg tuna roll, salad, potato salad, 2 assorted sushi and rice.

The only thing missing is the mayo though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but all in all a very worthy food experience and I will see myself back here.

So much love for japanese cuisine hehe

Sailor moon stuff wishlist

As previously stated in maybe a couple of posts I said I love sailor moon. Mild obsession and to quite frank I dont mind if sailor moon isnt your cup of tea. Its mine and I love it sappy, over exaggerated and full of awesome sparkly transformations. If you are a hard core sailor moon fan by all means lets be friends!

So heres my list:

I wanted to add photos and descriptions but I got lazy. So I googled these photos and ill name what they are.

1. Sailor moon dvds – mainly season 1 & 2.. I didnt get a picture but that’s okay. Im after the englush dubs of this series. Ebay here I come!

2. Sailor moon bra set – limited edition


How freaking cute are these! Yes extreme but id totally go there.

3. Sailor moon nail polish set – again also limited and expensive and youre realistically paying for the bottles.

4. Sailor moon replica wand

Its pretty.. ๐Ÿ™‚ id rock this

5. Sailor moon compact necklace…ย  I am so close to buying this O_O so beautiful!

6. Sailor moon pull over jumper! Winter come at me ๐Ÿ˜€

So that is my miniture want list… haha it isnt much and its quite random but that’s okay it makes me happy hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading

โ™ก peace out to all my sailor moon fans out there!