All I do is win. haha :)

So again Ive been missing in action.. purely because im busy with uni and busy with life in general and that happens.

I would like to however express my excitement ans happiness towards a particular competition I won 😀
I entered the conpetition hosted by bookworld. The prize was pre screening tickets for the fault in our stars. A book that I previously stated in my last blog some time ago. So the thanks goes to my little sis who actually asked me to join and it was writing in 25 words or less what the book means to me.. but I wont delve into what I wrote because I get a little embarrassed and it was sappy and I love sappy.. anyways


I found out yesterday that I won and my sister legit cried.. so I am soooooooooooooooo freaking keen for this. mentally preparing myself for the absolute gut wrenching I’m about to recieve. Ill bring my own tissues

haha peace out 🙂