Sailor Moon Saturdays


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I don’t know I’ve stated this before but I am a HUGE Sailor moon fan and this post will be dedicated to sailor moon and we’ll my Saturday. (Sounds boring probably but who knows?)

If you don’t know already today (Western Australia Time) I am pretty much counting down to the second sailor moon episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. The show debuted two week ago around the same time today and I am super excited to see what the second episode has in store. 

Yesterday I only just finished the Sailor Moon Super Stars season which ended around 1997 and its based on other Sailor soldiers. I wont go into much detail because I don’t like spoiling things. It has literally taken me this long to watch that season because I was slowly gathering Sailor moon DVD’s and that my friend is a mission itself.  

Now my opinion on the new episodes of Sailor moon: I generally like it, its more manga based and its quite beautiful to look at. But I am a little sad over the fact that the original sailor moon theme song isn’t playing as a opening. It is a little hard to watch purely because I am comparing it to the Sailor Moon and I have a lot of aspects that I like from both anime. But at this point also Sailor Moon Crystal has only started and there is still a bit of a cloudy haze around that. So before I totally blow this concept out of the water I will wait till I see what I can of the anime before I make any presumptions. 

Aside from my Sailor rant my Saturday morning started with my job searching, I’ve put a few jobs applications out (so wish me luck 😉 ) and I’ve made breakfast/Brunch because its closer to lunch then it is breakfast. I probably don’t have current plans aside from preparing myself for university and possibly house chores… who knows really. 


I thought I’d also put down my possible future cosplay plans in the following post 🙂

Pokeperth: I thought to keep it simple and comfortable (Pokeball dresses) My sister and myself are going as particular pokeballs – She will be a love ball whilst I dress up as a grand ball..  (by dress up I mean inspired .. unfortunately we wont be able to fit in the car if we made ourself sphere shaped hahaha)

Yobe chibi-con: I am still umming and ahhing about this one.. I might just stick to a normal wear or SAILOR MARS (MAYBE)

Wai-Con: I am thinking about either a Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) cosplay and possibly it might be a group effort: this could be in correlation with the new added anime series: Kuroshitsuji: Book of circus OR SAILOR SCOUTS if the above doesnt happen

Oz Comic con (OZMICON):  My sister, boyfriend and cousin were thing SAO cosplay (Sword art online) I wanted to make Asuna’s Undine outfit in the ALfheim Online (ALO) saga


Again these are always the plans and sometimes plans don’t always follow through… but keep an eye out these cos could change 🙂



(The following photo was googled and found on Deviantart by pandalberto 🙂 if you like this picture please search for him on deviantart)

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Cosplay – Gogo Yubari (dylans 23rd birthday)

I got invited to a party with the theme of Quentin Tarantino films.
So for me the obvious choice of going as a kill bill character struck my mind.


So this is the end product.. haha excuse my knees they look scary in this post. Haha and now that ive mentioned that youre gna think oh god look at her knees.  XD I blocked my face out because its totally gross at the time of the picture. But there is my attempt of the “lovely” gogo.


1. Clothes
– things I had on hand: bow tie, white under shirt
– I bought the jacket and socks and shoes and my skirt found at salvos.
Jacket = $20 from rockmans which used to be like $70.. the fuck lol
Shoes and socks = $10
Skirt= $8 – originally longer but cut to length

2. Prop
The mace – was made with a 2 meter chain bought at bunnings, styro foam ball, silver duct tape, x1 hook and a spikey bracelet that I didnt need.

– covered the ball in duct tape – super glued the hook to the top of the ball for the chain and super glued my spikes which I sprayed silver around the edge.  I then attached the chain and left to dry. This job takes more than 2-3hrs if less.. I was just lazy and did it over two weeks.

And there you go – ever in need of quick Tarantino cosplay this is pretty easy and cute in a sadistic way haha.


                 I like cosplay hehe

Sailor moon stuff wishlist

As previously stated in maybe a couple of posts I said I love sailor moon. Mild obsession and to quite frank I dont mind if sailor moon isnt your cup of tea. Its mine and I love it sappy, over exaggerated and full of awesome sparkly transformations. If you are a hard core sailor moon fan by all means lets be friends!

So heres my list:

I wanted to add photos and descriptions but I got lazy. So I googled these photos and ill name what they are.

1. Sailor moon dvds – mainly season 1 & 2.. I didnt get a picture but that’s okay. Im after the englush dubs of this series. Ebay here I come!

2. Sailor moon bra set – limited edition


How freaking cute are these! Yes extreme but id totally go there.

3. Sailor moon nail polish set – again also limited and expensive and youre realistically paying for the bottles.

4. Sailor moon replica wand

Its pretty.. 🙂 id rock this

5. Sailor moon compact necklace…  I am so close to buying this O_O so beautiful!

6. Sailor moon pull over jumper! Winter come at me 😀

So that is my miniture want list… haha it isnt much and its quite random but that’s okay it makes me happy hehe 🙂

Happy reading

♡ peace out to all my sailor moon fans out there!