Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat

The quote “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat” has literally been an inspirational quote for me to live by. These past couple of months ( I have gone seriously lazy with my blog but.. I will explain soon), these past couple of months have been pretty hard on me. Sometimes it feels like I’m battling to get through the day and it can be very tiring. The last time I wrote could of been around the time my dog passed away and that was in March. It’s been hard and I do miss my Ella but I know she isnt suffering anymore and that puts me at ease. From there it has literally been up and down as the months passed me by. I was made redundant after my birthday, my driving test was postponed, and I failed my test when I first tried. But aside from these rough days that everyone does have, Ive had a fair share of good days – I have my family and selective close friends and I have my boyfriend. In june we celebrated our 3 years together and to me that is a huge mile stone for the both of us. I also at the end of June passed my drivers test on the second try ( I was seriously so nervous and couldnt stop shaking, it was ridiculous). July has been a bit of a mixed month – rejected job interviews and my university marks have gotten down ( I didnt achieve what I wanted and that can be disheartening)

But as my title suggest – I am down for now… but I am most certainly not out. Not even close.

This quote has spoken to me a little more than others because it reminds me of a gaming reference. Some games have a big boss which can be difficult to defeat – but we try again and again and we persist this boss till we are victorious. That is how Ive interpreted this quote. A single defeat can come and go but you should never consider it a final defeat.

I know that right now everything seems pretty gloomy and I find myself sitting at home watching sailor moon… BUT I know I’ll get there eventually because I wont give up. Despite my laziness Ive applied for jobs every time that I can, my grades at university are rocky but I am doing my hardest to get rid of temptation and do the best that I can, I also wont let others make me second guess myself because I know who I am and I know I can be destined for great things.

That is something I believe we all have the potential to do.

So please if you are having a rocky month or months (like I am) dont confuse this single defeat with a final defeat, because I know that when we keep on trying and put all the effort and hard work into everything you do – you can defeat hardships 🙂

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On a totally separate note: I am looking forward to the next couple of months purely because we have Pokeperth, Chibicon, The amity affliction concert in August, Ultra paint party at metros and the possibility of running away to Bunbury with my boyfriend.

It’s always good to have things to look forward too.. 🙂

Hope everyone’s been well