The Kim Kardashian Game (Android app)


Yep my blog today is going to be about the Kim Kardashian game.

Yes I am going there…

The story starts like this: my little sister Samantha decided to download the game and play and she became very obsessed with the game.. after many weeks/ maybe months later I decided to download the game and give it a try..


It was such a bittersweet experience and I’ll have to admit I was quite obsessed with becoming one of the elite “a lister”.

Ive been playing the game for a month and a bit – peaking 2 months and I’ve played religiously in the morning/afternoon and before bed..

It wasnt til tonight where I had finally gotten up to this stage in the game – that I wanted to try.. the wedding experience

After all my mishaps of silly E lister boyfriends I found myself a guy on the game called Jackson who is part of the “a lister” crowd – it was also a perk that he had blue hair (my favourite colour)

After the dates, break up, dates and he proposed…

I was happy and couldnt wait to continue…

but the wedding dress in this game was $9996

I spent 3 days solidly saving money and finally bought the dress..

and here comes to this part … I originally told myself dont spend money on this game..

I got that obsessed that I spent $10 on the game – it isnt much but I got that obsessed with a game that I purchased something? Seriously? get a grip on reality MaryAnne…

So I played for a bit with my newly bought money on kkgame only to sit there wondering what was I doing..

and I felt stupid…

I made the decision to delete the game.

and I feel relieved…

I was like a crack addict…

SO after all my time – fighting willow, talking to my managers, dates, friends and spending money I shouldn’t

I have given up on my game and will not resume

which is probably best with me since I have exams coming up

I had my fun but got a little too excessive but I’m glad I had the experience

haha so thats my little random story and oh my god Im so silly haha – this post wasnt really meant to go anywhere aside from me expressing my random gaming obsession..

Ever had an obsession with something? or is your obsession also kimk game?

Leave your comments below ๐Ÿ™‚


hahah i thought this was hilarious –



Aw – I’d approve hehe




This combination – makes my heart melt ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha. After watching frozen I cant help but keep singing the songs and admiring Idina Menzel song voice. It reminds me of watching Wicked again. But the movie itself was very enjoyable. Such a lovely film that my boyfriend and I went to for our 2.5 year anniversary date. Funny we had more fun than most of the children there. Yep we are awesome haha. So if you get the chance to watch it just DO IT.


Kinda found some wedding dress inspiration designs in elsas dress.. not that im getting married any time soon… but I love that dress โ™กโ™ก


(I googled these pictures) **