The awkward “S” word & the troubles of being the oldest

I can tell you now that sometimes being the oldest is hard. Being the oldest sibling isn’t easy and sometimes you have to play the bad guy and thats hard also. I am the older sister to my two siblings. My sister who blogs ( and my little brother who is 11. 

The trouble with being the oldest is that I am the responsible one and not only that I do what I can for these two.

I’m a little hard on them sometimes but it’s hard when your mum is a single parents so pretty much the other parent job is a shared thing for me. The only reason I am hard on them is because I want them to exceed and do well in life.

My sister who is literally a natural at most things is exceeding with everything and she’s at the age where I don’t feel I have to tip toe around everything when I talk to her…


my 11 year old brother is a different story (if you’re a young reader please bare in mind this bit is a little graphic in terms of the content explained)




Today while helping out my mother on her job application I went to google something only to automatically see the search bar with how to have sex, meet and f**k and hentai. My face literally dropped… Who on earth! is looking these things up. Being the person I am I went to history and saw everything… for the past couple of days it was just hentai hentai… and girls kissing and stuff like that. The only person who goes on the computer around these time frames  (7AM – 10AM during the school holiday while my mother was at work and sister sleeps in) was my little brother….



(image: google)

Which brings me to my newest dilemma… who is going to delivery the “speech” to my little brother…  talk about the “birds and the bees” 

After much debate to myself over who it could be – I had to tell my mum because lets face it I’m not the parent I’m one of the offspring and I couldn’t possibly deal with sitting with my brother about guy things. 

The very thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable purely because I’ve never needed to explain much to my sister and probably because my sister is a female and that makes things a little easier..

But guys and masturbation (i’m sorry) just isn’t my forte when it comes to explaining to younger males..

I consulted with my cousin and her boyfriend will gladly do the job even though she laughed quite hysterically over the ordeal..



Now obviously I feel pretty shitty over the way I’m seeing this but realistically I am an older sister there is only so much in my power and life experiences and right now this one isn’t one I’m familiar with..


If anyone has advice please feel free to comment…